Photobooth and wedding photography
What will the DJ require on the day of the wedding?
We don’t need a lot from your end, we just need a trestle size table to play our equipment off and easy access to 240v power 3 pin plug, leave the rest to us! Due to the duration of the event, set-up and break-down times, we may require a main meal (service meal) for the DJ (We’re human & we get hungry too!). No need for entree’s, canapes etc, just a main. Thank you in advance.
How much experience will my DJ have up their sleeve?
Both DJ's at Burnbaby has over 12 years experience under their belts each, more experience than most in the industry. When you book through us, you know you will not be booking some kid who’s first paid DJ gig is your wedding (may sound comical, but some people have told us this has happened to them)
Does the DJ come earlier to set up?
Of course they do! The DJ will arrive anywhere between 30 minutes and 1 hour before the Package starts and will be ready to play by the time specified.
Do you take requests?
Yes of course we do, we want to play music that you want to hear so we are always open to requests unless stated otherwise by the client.
What if I want the DJ to play longer than 4 hours?
This is not a problem at all, we would love to play for as long as you need us. If arranged in advance, each additional hour is just charged at £40. If it's on the night , each additional hour is just charged at £60. Just let us know in advance that you may require the DJ for longer than the standard 5 hour DJ Pack.
Will my DJ be insured?
Most definitely, Both our DJ's have full public liability insurance & professional indemnity, just for your piece of mind and some venues even require this.
Can I supply my own music that I want played at my wedding?
Unfortunately No. Previously a virus got into our system and it ruined the night. You can, supply a playlist or special requests no later than 7 days before your event. We will try to ensure we have it. If possible, please try and get any SPECIAL music to us 7 days prior to the event so we can test it out on our equipment to avoid disappointment.
How do I pay you?
Deposit: £30 pound deposit is payable at the time of booking. We will email our bank details to you or our Paypal details. If canceled giving at least 60 days notice of the booked date, £20 is refundable. If cancellation is less than 30 days from the booked date £10 is refundable. If cancelled less than 14 days of the booking, the full amount is payable. The remainder is payable at your event before we start playing.

The Legal Blurb.

We will provide music at your event provided that appropriate electric points are provided and the venue holds the appropriate entertainment and music license. If we experience any equipment failure at your event we have redundancy equipment to carry on with the event. If however we are unable to continue, we will reimburse you pro rata from the booking start time to the failure occurring. for example if we are booked from 8pm and the failure happens at 10pm 50% will be refunded.

If we fail to attend your event due to mechanical failure we will offer full reimbursement of your deposit.

The maximum extent of our liability for failure to attend, irrespective of the reason, is limited to the amount of deposit paid ONLY.


Our equipment is very expensive and our DJ’s are priceless (lol). We operate a ZERO tolerance towards violence and aggression. If either of our DJ’s receives abuse or threats, or if we feel our equipment is at risk we will issue one verbal warning. If the situation continues we will withdraw our services without further warning.